Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse and Smart Diary Planner Review

Setting Up

the Pen

Moleskine Support

Plugged the pen into the provided cable, to charge via my computer

Downloaded and installed the APP “Moleskine Notes”


  • forced to sign up to use the pen including geolocation data, access to photos and other content/files on my device via the App
  • they will give my personal data to third parties
  • and if you want to restrict data processing activities or want your personal data erased or withdraw your consent, you can contact them at
  • but if you do withdraw your consent you “leads to the impossibility to benefit from services… and to use the APP”, so if you don’t hand over your info, your expensive pen is rendered quite useless as far as its smart features
  • and they can make changes to the privacy policy without notifying you, it’s up to the user to “periodically” verify any changes

Connecting the Pen

  • multiple failed attempts as I thought it might connect out of the box, but no….
  • 30mins (charging time and a dozen freshly baked scones) later…
  • instant connection!!
  • “Before starting with Moleskine Notes, adjust pen’s calibration to match with your writing habit”


Translation: So I am just writing to test the calibration. The pen feels ok to write with but the ink flow isn’t awesome! And the transcribing isn’t great with my handwriting either. How does the pen deal with writing a mistake mistake?

I also disconnected the pen, and turned the pen off, and wrote something. Then turned the pen on, wrote another line, then connected the pen to the APP again. It synchronised the second line, but not the first (as expected). All good.

the Diary

  • Go to Settings > Authentication in the APP
  • select the online calendar you want to sync with. Google wisely warns me that I’m sharing sensitive data with Moleskine Notes by syncing my calendar
  • Danger Will Robinson!

And done. It automatically puts in a notification 30mins earlier, which means 11:30pm for all day events (no thanks!) and if you lift the pen and put it down again you get two calendar entries.